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On the Liberty On Fire podcast, Tony and Joey discuss some everyday life topics and the current hot issues in the news. Hear a libertarian perspective from Tony and more conservative viewpoint from Joey as they vent about life.


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Quick Hits in the News – Trump Backs Away From War (for now). And Kinda Contra-Carlson


So this is hot off the press. Trump backs away from starting a new war in the Middle East. Apparently it was a go, the mission bomb Iran was underway and President Trump called it off. Thank God. Thank you Mr President. This is why millions voted for you, no new wars. I hope I…

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Harvard Rescinds, Pompeo Loves War, Trump 2020. Ep. 12


So finally, Tony and Joey get back together for an epic episode which starts with a discussion on Harvard rescinding the admission of a Parkland student for saying Russian collusion was a hoax. Just kidding, he said some bad stuff and got kicked hard for it, deservedly so. Pompeo admits that the CIA taught him…

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Where are the REAL Journalist?


Journalism is the activity of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting noteworthy news and information meeting the standard of truth and honesty in reporting. People who write journalism are referred to as journalists. The Society of Professional Journalism states that the below four principles are the foundation of ethical journalism and encourages their use by all people…

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News/Fake News/Opinion/Gossip


To correctly categorize the information we are bombarded with lets examine several definitions that can help us distinguish facts from fiction:          News is information about newly received or noteworthy information usually about recent or important events. If it is not new, it cannot be news. Ordinary and everyday things are not…

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