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On the Liberty On Fire podcast, Tony and Joey discuss some everyday life topics and the current hot issues in the news. Hear a libertarian perspective from Tony and more conservative viewpoint from Joey as they vent about life.


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3rd Democratic Debate, Free Everything, Just Like the Last 2 Debates! Ep. 41


So this show obviously covers the 3rd Democratic debate of 2019. Be happy you didn’t watch it. I suffered through it for you guys, so you didn’t have to. The format is somewhat “play by play” with some commentary on Medicare for all at the end. If you feel that you must watch it, then here is…

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Climate Crisis or Climate Hoax? Ep. 40


It is interesting that the Democratic candidates didn’t decide to “debate” climate change and chose to instead have a town-hall discussion. Well obviously the science is settled for them. It must be, because they all say the same thing, “Climate change is an existential threat!”.  But is it? Will we all be dead in 12 years…

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The Mueller Testimony


So, no one is talking about collusion anymore. For 2-3 years, this was all they talked about. The leftist media and the Democrats accused Donald Trump of basically being a Russian agent and guilty of treason. Now with collusion/conspiracy off the table, all they can talk about is obstruction of justice, but does this even matter? Can you…

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Where are the REAL Journalists?


Journalism is the activity of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting noteworthy news and information meeting the standard of truth and honesty in reporting. People who write journalism are referred to as journalists. The Society of Professional Journalism states that the below four principles are the foundation of ethical journalism and encourages their use by all people…

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