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On the Liberty On Fire podcast, Tony and Joey discuss some everyday life topics and the current hot issues in the news. Hear a libertarian perspective from Tony and more conservative viewpoint from Joey as they vent about life.


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Quick Hits in the News – OMG Abortion Again?


In today’s Quick Hits, Tony discusses some of his opinions on abortion. Where does a man get off on telling a woman what to do with her body? Well too bad, I’m doing it. Not in the sense you are thinking however. I take a broad outline of the topic and morph the moral discussion…

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The US Empire, Armed Teachers and Abortion, What More Could You Ask For? Ep. 11


Tony and Joey FINALLY get a chance to discuss some topics together in the news. This is what happens when the hosts both have full time jobs and live 3000 miles apart. Well no more excuses. We jump right into our first (I think) foreign policy episode featuring Iran and Venezuela. Somewhere along the way,…

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News/Fake News/Opinion/Gossip


To correctly categorize the information we are bombarded with lets examine several definitions that can help us distinguish facts from fiction:          News is information about newly received or noteworthy information usually about recent or important events. If it is not new, it cannot be news. Ordinary and everyday things are not…

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Russia Collusion, What Really Happened


In my opinion, “what really happened” goes back to a couple of things in the recent past, one of which involves Obama and Hillary with the Benghazi incident and also of course the numerous issues surrounding the Clinton Foundation, and in particular, the millions of dollars Bill and Hillary collected in their Pay-to-Play operation. OK, so Hillary…

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