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Tired of This? Sound Familiar?

You're just a racist!

You're a pacifist!

You're unpatriotic!

You hate poor people!

You live in a magical utopia world!

Who will build the roads?


Liberty On Fire.  What does this mean to you?

Is it being burnt out of existence; are you becoming less free?


Is liberty burning hot and bright in your social arena; is individual freedom flourishing?

Only you know these answers. This is what we want to discuss and what we want you to be thinking about. Of course, our opinions may not match yours; and that's ok. Everyone perceives things a little differently, sometimes vastly different, even when the same things are being said. Most people you encounter will be some form of liberal, conservative or independent, and there are many flavors of each. Let's get the conversation going and explore this in more depth through our podcast!


  Podcast Scope:

  • We will explore/dissect everyday life situations, articles, social media and news that we find interesting in order to hopefully give you an alternative way of looking at things 
  • Topic based dual format show with rare interviews
    • Quick Hits in the News segments will be short and sweet with one of the cohosts
    • The Cohosted show will be once or twice a week about 30-50 minutes

Our hope is that you will use these discussions and life experiences to help you spread the message of liberty and tolerance. We think that a simple cohost type podcast with Libertarian Tony and Conservative Joey will help foster and spread more conversations out in the real world, hopefully with a peaceful resolution. However, at times we may have to agree to disagree. So be it.  Perhaps, how we have handled a situation with a colleague or friend in our lives; or the podcast discussion on certain topics will provide a roadmap for you to feel comfortable having conversations with reasonable people in your sphere of influence. And influence is what we are all about. NOT coercion. Now, let's get out there and converse!