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The Mueller Testimony

So, no one is talking about collusion anymore. For 2-3 years, this was all they talked about. The leftist media and the Democrats accused Donald Trump of basically being a Russian agent and guilty of treason. Now with collusion/conspiracy off the table, all they can talk about is obstruction of justice, but does this even matter? Can you…

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Russia Collusion, What Really Happened

In my opinion, “what really happened” goes back to a couple of things in the recent past, one of which involves Obama and Hillary with the Benghazi incident and also of course the numerous issues surrounding the Clinton Foundation, and in particular, the millions of dollars Bill and Hillary collected in their Pay-to-Play operation. OK, so Hillary…

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Tom Woods smashes another simpleton!

Just got a chance to listen to Tom Woods latest podcast which smashed another progressive (RJ Eskow) who wrote an anti-libertairian article with almost no understanding of the libertarian philosophy.  Here is a link to the article (which is titled Here are 11 questions you should ask Libertarians to see if they’re hypocrites) and Tom’s website with…

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The Smollett

So Smollett is just really sad in my opinion. Not the kinda sad as in a DSM4 sense, it’s the flavor of sad that you feel when you pity someone. He turned a nice career into a pathetic attempt to be relevant in the progressive world. Maybe this is where he belongs or maybe he…

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