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Congressional Term Limits

TERM LIMITS – what a novel idea! Just think, the ability to limit the time your elected official can spend enacting/ignoring the desires of the voters. Just think, new ideas, unbiased work ethic, and compromising egos. Congress may even earn a rating above 10 (out of 100). No more so called “career politicians” that have been brain dead for years (2 terms and their out) limiting the influence of lobbyists and cronyism. Elected officials would actually represent the voter rather than their¬†self interest. It would be a miracle to actually see a functional House and Senate working together for the benefit of the citizens of this great country. But this will not happen since Congress operates as their own entity, writes their own rules, votes themselves raises/benefits and are accountable no one. The majority of voters know nothing about the candidates credentials but will just vote for a particular party, race, gender. ¬†Only an informed voter could make term limits a reality.

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