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My Formula for Staying Informed Ep. 27

Sorry for the long hiatus. I know it has been a while since an episode has been released, and I of course blame everyone but myself. Well how is this to top off the smugness? I am going to tell you what media to consume. Yes that’s right, I am giving you homework. Actually, I’m trying to simplify your life and maximize your spare time. If you are watching 5 different news channels or shows and listening to several radio talkshows and podcasts, I am here to help narrow things down. Delete all that crap from your life. In this show, I provide a summary of where I get my “news” and get information about the topics I find important. I’m not going to list them here, you actually have to listen to this short episode to get the details. Some of the media I list cover topics such as news/politics, culture, economics, history, self help/influence, entertainment and medicine. Thanks for listening.

About the author, Libertarian Tony

Tony stirs it up a little in the realm of politics, news, culture and economics.

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