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Harvard Rescinds, Pompeo Loves War, Trump 2020. Ep. 30

So finally, Tony and Joey get back together for an epic episode which starts with a discussion on Harvard rescinding the admission of a Parkland student for saying Russian collusion was a hoax. Just kidding, he said some bad stuff and got kicked hard for it, deservedly so. Pompeo admits that the CIA taught him to lie, cheat and steal. And this is who you want to believe when sending your children into war? Trump formalizes his 2020 campaign in Orlando Florida yesterday with the new slogan, “Keep America Great”. I’m not sure KAG has the same ring to it as MAGA did.

Some additional media to consume

Harvard Rescinds Admission from Parkland Student Kyle Kashuv

President Trump Calls Alleged Iranian Attack on Oil Tankers ‘Very Minor’

Pompeo admitting about lying, cheat and stealing

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