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Quick Hits in the News – Trump Backs Away From War (for now). And Kinda Contra-Carlson Ep. 31

So this is hot off the press. Trump backs away from starting a new war in the Middle East. Apparently it was a go, the mission bomb Iran was underway and President Trump called it off. Thank God. Thank you Mr President. This is why millions voted for you, no new wars. I hope I don’t have to do a followup podcast about you bombing them. Anyway, check out this NY Times article.

And my boy Tucker. You let me down a little, but then totally redeem yourself. So the other day Tucker comes out bashing Libertarians again, and I think I understand why. Then on his show tonight, he comes out as the anti-war stalwart I knew he was and I have tears just thinking about it. Watch this clip.

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