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News/Fake News/Opinion/Gossip

To correctly categorize the information we are bombarded with lets examine several definitions that can help us distinguish facts from fiction:

         News is information about newly received or noteworthy information usually about recent or important events. If it is not new, it cannot be news. Ordinary and everyday things are not news. Most news is about people because it is what people do to change the world makes news. Also natural disasters become news when they affect peoples lives.

         Fake news (junk news) is a type of propaganda that consists of deliberate disinformation or hoaxes spread through print, broadcast media, or online social media. The false information is often caused by reporters paying sources for stories, and unethical practice called checkbook journalism. It is written with the intent to mislead in order to damage another using sensational and fabricated headlines to increase views (clicks). More views earn more advertising revenue.

         Opinion is a view or judgment formed about something not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

          Gossip is casual unconstrained conversation or reports about other people typically involving details that are not confirmed as true.

Delivering information these days, whether broadcast, online or printed, is all about agendas and affiliations. Actual facts don’t matter since they can be slanted to support a particular position (propaganda). Gone are the days where facts were reported as they occurred and the reader/listener would make up their own mind. So called News shows are really fake news and opinion shows. These days the media will make up your mind for you (brainwashing).


















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