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Russia Collusion, What Really Happened

In my opinion, “what really happened” goes back to a couple of things in the recent past, one of which involves Obama and Hillary with the Benghazi incident and also of course the numerous issues surrounding the Clinton Foundation, and in particular, the millions of dollars Bill and Hillary collected in their Pay-to-Play operation.

OK, so Hillary Clinton, who only cares about power, was Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, and in 2012 we had the attack on Benghazi, which got 4 Americans killed. You can probably remember the fallout and the fake narrative that the Obama administration put out with Susan Rice going on all the talkshows and Networks and remember she said the attack was due to an anti-Muslim video which came out like a year earlier. In the background, during Hillary Clinton‘s Secretary of State position, she and her husband were collecting millions of dollars for their foundation and selling privileges to people around the world for some sort of influence when she became president in 2016.

So back to Benghazi, the talking points about the video did not smell right to a lot of people, so Congress in 2014, I believe through a special House committee, asked for Hillary Clinton’s emails. In addition, several activist groups, filed multiple freedom of information act (FOIA) requests to get a copy of her emails too. This ended up leading to evidence that Hillary Clinton did not use the Government mandatory email system, that she had her own private email server in her house, that her emails might not be that secure, that she sent and received classified information using this system and that she had likely been hacked multiple times. None of this came out all at once. It has been pieced together over a long time since 2014, and the real truth remains shrouded and demonized as a tinfoil hat conspiracy. 

Now to the underlying issue. Obviously, Benghazi had nothing to do with a video. Obama and Hillary were using Benghazi to send guns/arms into Syria and arm Al Qaeda and Isis (which is treason by the way) to fight against Assad. You probably remember all the talk from these two about Assad being a bad guy and he “has to go”. Many people believe Assad brought the Obama wrath down on himself by not allowing a certain oil/gas pipeline to go through his country. So, the easiest way to get this pipeline built was to topple another dictator, so Obama and Hillary thought. They committed treason and armed sworn enemies of the United States in order to make this attempted coup a reality, but as we can see thus far, they weren’t unsuccessful. The emails NOT surfacing the way you would expect them to, is basically a coverup to protect Obama and Hillary’s war crimes. Now, despite all the requests for her several years worth and thousands of emails, there was no way Obama and Hillary could let this information come out, so this led to the very slow trickle of emails that Hillary released. She had to have someone go through them all and make sure there was nothing in there to incriminate herself, the Foundation or Obama. So she erased everything worrisome, only kept what she thought wasn’t horribly corrupt and trickled out emails in small releases, just enough to keep people on the Left satisfied and the people on the Right aggravated. All this was going on in the middle of her campaign run for president.

Anyway, the media and special House committee all talked about the emails for months and months. Eventually, FBI Director James Comey, started investigating the email issue in August 2015. You also probably remember during a DNC presidential debate in October 2015, Bernie Sanders said “enough with your damn emails already”. That made him look like a big wuss and probably helped him lose the nomination, along with the real collusion between the DNC and Hillary’s team.

Now we need to switch over to the Trump dilemma which started to show its face. Trump was knocking off all the other Republican nominees left and right in 2015 and he was saying things like “fake news, Bush lied us into war, build a wall, Hillary should be in jail, he could be friends with Russia and get along with Putin”. All of these things of course I thought were good and apparently so did millions of others. Well people on the inside, the deep state, didn’t like where this was going. And around this time, the firm Fusion GPS was hired, I believe in December 2015. Fusion GPS is a shady political analysis firm. This then leads up to a few months later when Carter Page was appointed foreign-policy adviser in March 2016. Carter page is actually a former Navy officer and was targeted and painted as a Russian agent by these people in the deep state in order for Obama, Hillary and the DNC to spy on the Trump campaign. Well, how could they legally spy on Trump? Enter the “Steele dossier”.

In the Spring of 2016, the law firm Perkins Cole, was paid by the DNC and Hillary campaign. By June 2016, Fusion GPS hires Christopher Steele to write the fake dossier on Trump. Additionally, in June 2016, Trump Junior and Manafort met with a Russian lawyer, who supposedly had dirt on Hillary. This didn’t look right and in fact, looked like a big set-up. This was covered on a prior podcast.

And to make things even more interesting, end of June/July 2016, tons of Hillary emails from periods approximately 2010 to 2014 were released by WikiLeaks. Now remember, this whole time, the FBI and James Comey are investigating Hillary in the background to see if she sent and received classified information illegally. So of course this leads up to the infamous meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton at the end of June 2016. Do you recall Bill Clinton met with Lynch on the tarmac of whatever airport to discuss “golf and the grandkids”? Well obviously Bill asked her to pressure Comey to kill the email investigation. Then of course in July 2016, James Comey comes out and says that Hillary did some bad shit, but it was unintentional and they would not prosecute her for it.

Around September/October 2016, the FBI ended up getting a FISA warrant (foreign intelligence surveillance act) using the Steele dossier, to spy on Carter Page and the Trump campaign. And of course, no one told the FISA court judge that the dossier was paid for by Hillary and the DNC.

Early November 2016, James Comey did something pretty odd, he came out and said that he/FBI we’re looking into Hillary’s emails again, and this was like two weeks before the election. So, sometime between this James Comey flub and the presidential election, John Podesta and the Clinton team cook up a Plan B, Russia Collusion, in case Hillary lost. But they never actually thought they would need to use it.

Trump wins the election in November 2016 and all hell breaks loose. People are crying on live TV, pulling their hair out, calling for a recount, talking about succession. It was hilarious!

On top of everything going on, we have learned about another Plan B happening in the background, regarding a little love affair between 2 Trump haters, FBI agent Peter Strzok and a Mueller team lawyer Lisa Page. Thousands of texts were captured between them during the period from August 2015 to December 2016, about how much they hated Trump and what to do if he got elected. Some of the texts talked about an “insurance policy” in case Hillary lost. And here is also something interesting here, Peter Strzok also worked on the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

OK, so back to Trump winning. He becomes president. Then there is an issue with general Flynn and Russia, end of 2016 and extending into 2017. The deep staters use this as more confirmation of the collusion story. Eventually Flynn gets ousted and Trump asks Comey to drop the investigation on him because he really hasn’t done anything wrong and is being dragged through the mud. I’m not really going to go into any more details on that because Flynn is just another tragedy in this whole Russia collusion story, but many peoples lives have been severely affected by this fake tale.

So let’s fast forward to May 9, 2017, Trump fires Comey as FBI director, and Andrew McCabe becomes acting FBI director as he was the deputy director at the time. Anyway McCabe meets with attorney general of the United States, Rod Rosenstein, and they end up talking about somehow using the 25th amendment to remove Trump from office. This was the kickoff of a coup attempt on Trump that we spoke about in podcast episode 4. Eight days later, May 17, Rod Rosenstein appoints Robert Mueller to special counsel to investigate Trump and his campaign for Russia collusion leading up to the election and obstruction of justice afterwards. This is how the Mueller investigation got started. It started in the end of May 2017 and finally concluded in March 2019, 22 months. 

Between Mueller starting the investigation and now, a lot has happened. Andrew McCabe went back to being deputy director of the FBI after Chris Wray was appointed as director in August 2017. McCabe ended up being fired by Jeff sessions in March 2018, I think for leaking sensitive information to the press or something along those lines. Late 2018, the Lisa Page and Peter Strzok texts and plan start to get revealed. Neither of them felt like there was any Russian collusion.

The Senate Intelligence Committee report came out in January 2019 and said there was no collusion with Russia. Michael Cohen testifies before Congress (podcast episodes 5 and 6) in the end of February 2019 and also said there was no collusion and probably more importantly, he said that he had never been to Prague and this helped shoot a Trump sized hole in the fake Steele dossier, which said he went there to meet with Russian delegates. Then, Nancy Pelosi in March 2019, said they (the Democrats) would not seek impeachment. Obviously she had received some inside information about the Mueller report, otherwise impeachment would’ve still been on the table.

So that basically brings us up to present day with the Mueller report. After almost 2 years, millions of dollars, over 2800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants and over 500 witnesses interviewed and nearly an entire anti-Trump team backed by 40 FBI agents, analysts and other experts, their conclusion was that the special counsel investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election. Boom. Drop the mic and walk out!

This is a huge political victory for the president and a huge mainstream media and Democratic political screwup. So let’s think about some of the recent mainstream media and political screwup’s: so obviously there is Russia-gate, there is the Covington Catholic school incident in DC, the media said Michael Cohen was ordered by Trump to obstruct justice which was false, the media said Manafort met with Julian Assange and and of course the whole Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax. The reason I pointed these things out, is that all these screw ups and lies really hurt peoples’ confidence in the mainstream media, which of course I think is great. All these fake stories also hurt peoples’ confidence in the Democratic Party and many politicians in general, which as a libertarian, I also think is great.

We have to stop asking these people for the truth, for their opinion or for their take on a situation. Our trust has been eroded, and for good reason. We need to turn off the hyperbolic channels, ignore the fake news media, stop watching, stop giving them advertising revenue, stop looking to them for answers and start thinking for ourselves. We also need to stop voting for anyone that might even be slightly untrustworthy, which is probably like 99% of the politicians. This lack of interest in a completely biased media and most of the anti-liberty, anti-freedom politicians, will over a period of time, cause a culture shift, and the practice putting these politicians and so-called journalists on a pedestal will come to an end. Politics is downstream of culture. Maybe if this happens on a large enough scale, then people will stop looking to government for solutions and start empowering themselves and take charge of their own lives, on a local level and scale. All politics should be local. Government should be local, literally right around where you live, so you can actually affect changes that you can see everyday. Expecting to have someone represent you, as well as millions of others in Washington, is really laughable. The media and 99% of the politicians only care about themselves. Think locally. Act locally, as Brion McClanahan likes to say on his podcast.

To sum up, most of the Russian Collusion story is a smoke-screen or an attempt at some sleight of hand magic to get you to look in one direction, while the real issues are hidden under the table or as in this case, up the long and dirty sleeves of Obama and Hillary. Is this whole thing over? Well, I think impeachment and further indictments likely are. But the lame-stream news media and many politicians will still peddle this false narrative because frankly, they have to. In some of their small and closed minds, they just can’t accept that Trump beat Hillary without cheating somehow. As far as the politicians who will continue to tout the Russian collusion story, well they might think this will help them score more points and votes than not using it. It’s a simple mathematical calculation for them. They don’t care about you or the truth.

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