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The Mueller Testimony

So, no one is talking about collusion anymore. For 2-3 years, this was all they talked about. The leftist media and the Democrats accused Donald Trump of basically being a Russian agent and guilty of treason. Now with collusion/conspiracy off the table, all they can talk about is obstruction of justice, but does this even matter? Can you in fact obstruct an investigation into a crime that was completely made up and never happened. That’s a little brain teaser for you.

Let us go way back in time. You had the Democratic party paying for a report in order to get the government to spy on an opposition candidate in the 2016 election. Yes, this is all true. The DNC gave money to Fusion GPS to pay for the production of the completely fabricated Steele dossier. This report was the evidence presented to a FISA court in order to get the wire taps and other surveillance of the Trump team. Does this seem at all fishy? Well of course it does. This never should have happened. Why did it happen? Well Obama was president at the time and was happy to help or look the other way when some very pro-Hillary government types were figuring out a way to stop The Donald.

Here’s another problem for the Muller team. The Mueller report the refers to this company called the Internet Research Agency which is basically indicted by Robert Muller and accused of being linked to the Kremlin to influence the 2016 election. So the IRA was accused of this, but never officially arraigned in court, which is suspicious right there.  Then the IRA tells the Muller team, ok lets go to court and see what you got, let’s go to disclosure and the see evidence. The Muller team then backpedaled big time on this and tried to get a judge to give them a delay so they could come up with a plan. The judge said hell no, you can’t just accuse someone of something and put it in your report and then not disclose what you have if the accused party wants to defend themselves in court. The judge ordered the Mueller team to stop making this claim. Supposedly this company spent like $110,000 buying some pro-Trump/anti-Hillary ads. There is no evidence that they were connected to the Russian government at all, which was alleged by Mueller. And are we to believe that $110,000 made a difference in the election where Hillary Clinton spent $1.4 billion. You are talking about a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction of a percent. This doesn’t hold any water at all. There is zero evidence to suggest that this tiny amount spent on ads swayed even one vote in the election.

Now for some of my comments on the actual testimony. It seemed like during his testimony, Mueller answered the Democratic members’ questions with clarity, but then when Republicans were questioning him, he answered them slowly, asked for them to repeat questions and then was kind of foggy and out of it and very slow. It clearly appeared as if he was stalling/biding time and not providing any real answers to those tough questions. In fact, many times he just refused to give an answer. Perhaps it was partly an act and partly him being a little senile during his testimony. Hard to know really. I’m heavily leaning towards it all being an act. What clearly was demonstrated was that his refusal to answer many Republican questions looked very suspicious and didn’t at all help the Democrats in their hope of building a case for impeachment. This was a big win for Donald Trump, as well as a big win for Nancy Pelosi against the more radical parts of her party, who really want impeachment. Nancy Pelosi said months ago that they would not seek impeachment of the President and now her statement looks very prescient, as Mueller looked very weak as a witness and leader in this fake investigation.

It also didn’t seem like Mueller had a good handle or understanding of what was in his own report, almost like, he didn’t even help write the report at all. Well that was interesting to watch. The next logical question is, “Well if he didn’t write the report, then who did?” Something to ponder.

Additionally, both the Democrats and Robert Mueller seem to have purposely forgotten the basic premise of American law, that you are innocent until proven guilty. Prosecutors never prove anyone innocent; that’s not their job. Their job is to prove guilt and if there isn’t enough evidence to prove guilt, then you are still innocent. Mueller was asked if the report exonerated the President. And of course he said, “No.” But the fact that you aren’t proven guilty, means that you are NOT guilty until proven otherwise. This is a de facto exoneration.

Well, I’m hoping after this debacle of a hearing, that this can be finally put to rest, but it probably won’t go away just yet. CNN and the Democratic candidates have nothing else to talk about. Abortion after birth, open borders and free healthcare to the entire world are not winning positions to take in a general election. Eventually these far left Socialists have to start thinking about drifting towards the center if they plan on beating The Donald.

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