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The Smollett

So Smollett is just really sad in my opinion. Not the kinda sad as in a DSM4 sense, it’s the flavor of sad that you feel when you pity someone. He turned a nice career into a pathetic attempt to be relevant in the progressive world. Maybe this is where he belongs or maybe he inadvertently got wrapped up in the political theater of progressive lies and immorality. Who knows. But at this point, it doesn’t really matter, I just pity him. When you double down on an obvious lie, you really do yourself serious damage, not just in credibility, but deep down in your soul someplace. If he had admitted it early on and apologized, I think it would have been much easier to forgive him and let the healing begin. But at this point, the only ones willing to believe him or forgive him are probably so lost and drunk on the progressive koolaid that they really aren’t worth the time and effort of conversing with or building a relationship with. I have more respect for the progressives that have called him out on this “Trumped” up lie, which are of course, rare. We should all be happy that this was actually a staged event. The fact that a racist/homophobic attack on a double protected status person did NOT occur is a good thing. I know some crazy people were hoping it was real to keep the trump-derangement syndrome and hysteria going, but again, just like Smollet himself, wishing it really happened is just pathetic. I have pity for you too.

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